Honolulu Fresh Produce

Honolulu Fresh Produce

Ham Produce and Seafood provides Honolulu fresh produce year round. Our main focus is on building the better relationships with local growers for fresh produce and organic produce. Though we cannot supply all of our clients need with only local produce, we strive to support the farmers as much as possible to help build a larger supply of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables.

Both fresh fruits and fresh vegetables very in supply whether local or mainland through out the year, but this commitment to the local produce is helps to increase the demand for local farmers. Having local farmers in the supply chain helps us to keep a better variety of super fresh produce and has allowed us to keep the supply chain moving through all of these years.
 Local Produce

Though the local per ca pita consumption of local produce has dropped over the past 50 years, it is difficult to measure the real production changes considering the statistics over the past 50 years have included things like sugar or pineapple which were high volume crops and have all but disappeared . Tourism has gone up over 50 years and the large volume agriculture crops has dwindled. Through awareness and support of local farmers and crops, the we can all do our best to support Hawaii’s security and our own health by buying local produce as much as possible.

 Locally Grown

Most people do not know beyond Mangoes, bananas, papayas, and pineapples really what all fresh produce Hawaii grows.

There are many vegetables which grow in Hawaii. The nice thing with Hawaii is, vegetables like so many other plants will grow and produce year round. Many visitors would never know the variety of onions, eggplant, corn, celery, carrots, cabbage, lettuce and herbs we grow here in the island. Even spinach, squash, radishes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and never forget the Taro are part of the local crop.

Sometimes tourists drive by and see a fruit stand where there are farm fresh local produce, but usually they are looking for the typical Hawaiian produce- pineapple, papayas, and mangoes. But, even many local people do not know the variety of fresh vegetables which are available on island. Besides the typical fruits Hawaii is known for producing, the melons, oranges, tangerines, and strawberries aren’t in really big production, but are still a very tasty local treat.

Sustainable Planning

Sustainability in Communities

Communities throughout the United States are focusing more and more on sustainability planning in the supply of their daily food sources. Realizing that not only health issues are a concern at the top of the list, but availability of products. Since so many products are transported great distance, not only from other states, but from other countries, people are becoming more aware of the situation we may find ourselves in with quick changes in availability of common food supplies.

This has sparked more interest in locally grown foods whether they are Organic or non organic.  Over time people have gotten away from storing their own harvest or even u-pick fruits and vegetables to can, dry or freeze.  Though the trend has dropped a little each year, in 2001 canning statistics in the USA  still show a great number of people using all means to can vegetables.  Some statistics from reported in the Wall Street Journal in 2009 from Ball and Kerr canning suppliers, their sales were up 30%.  Click here to check out the full article. So, it seems interest are rising.

So not only because of high prices, but people concern for availability, not only community leaders, but individuals are taking it on themselves to research best practices and search out alternative sources, supplies, and storage means to protect their future access to good food supply.   What use to be just pocket in the community of health food stores, has now become a more aware populace of consumers who demand higher quality accessibility and security.  Price is always important, but it is not the most important. New opportunities are created for local growers and farmers to supply this new demand.

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Focus On Sustainability

Sustainability is Spreading

Not only businesses but Farmers benefit from Focus on Sustainability in their day to day operations.  Though at times the investment to make changes in infrustructure can be expensive, many business are seeing savings to go along with the over all sustainability of their business function.  From focus on new and specialty crops to focus on new business in the greening of commercial buildings. There are new industries popping up around over all efficiency of business.

Slow over Fast Food

As you look in the news there is a slow wave of industries supporting new technology and and innovation. As you may read more below, from webinars, online forum, and there are many areas of training and education needed to fulfill the demand for turning the corner of sustainability.

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