Fruit and Vegetable Classification

Understanding Fruit and Vegetable Classification

To help you understand fruit and vegetable classification, you need to review a few basic details about how plants grow.  Though it may not change your enjoyment of fresh fruits & vegetables, it might make you appreciate the differentiation and how special your local produce truly is.

Most people think of fruits and vegetables based on how they are used and not their true classification.  If a particular produce is used in a salad or cooked as a side dish, then people think of them as a vegetable. If they are sweet and juicy and used as a desert, then they think of them as a fruit.  The short video below will help to clear up some misconceptions about our fresh produce used daily.


Fruit and Vegetable: Selection and Preparation

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So you see there are examples of fresh produce such as tomatoes which are in fact fruits. Many people know this, but few people know that even corn, peas, and some nuts are in the fruit family.  Of course this does not detract from their use and attraction, but understanding the differentiation can gain you a greater appreciate for the value of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily life.

Organic Food Benefits

Organic Food Benefits | Why Buy Organic Food | Advantages of …

Organic food benefits to consider when shopping for fresh produce can help to support sustainability as well.  The article below covers a few of the points to consider when making decision about your sources of produce.

    • Sustainability of the local food chain
    • Local availability of freshest produce
    • Awareness of sensitivity to artificial additives and chemicals
    • New research in difference of value between processed and fresh food supplies

Why Organic Food Is Better For You | Benefits of Organic Food
Video by leading Nutrionalist Professor Adam Carey on the subject : ‘Benefits of Organic Food’

With support from this type of information, you can make a better decision when choosing to buy local, organic and fresh local fruits and vegetables.