Medium Pacific Oysters

Our #1 oyster, famous for its sweet-and-salty cucumber flavor. Pacifics are gorgeous, with ruffled shells that can be colored green, brown, black, white, purple, and pink. The meats get big and plump, and can excel on the half shell or on the grill. We farm our Pacifics in a number of different bays, each with its own signature flavor.

PRICE  $100/ per case

Local Produce Sustainability

The Importance of Local Produce Sustainability

With the focus on health these days the importance of local produce sustainability has come to the forefront across the nation.  From training in local universities like Kapiolani Community College, to awareness programs in early education, sustainability is on the minds of everyone across the nation.

In a world where we are continuously depleting the planet’s natural deposits, we have to begin living even more sustainable lives in order to lessen the detrimental environmental effect locally and in the world. The food we consume, specifically in the established globe economy, is a significant factor to our carbon impacts and therefore environment modification, so this is a key area which requires to be resolved by us all.

Principles of Sustainability

The principle of local produce sustainability can be pointed in a few key areas.

  • Firstly, in aiming to be sustainable, it is needed to use less of the earth’s sources such as oil, which is greatly entailed in the transport of meals and a major contributor to environment adjustment.
  • Secondly, it is necessary to value the land in regards to just how it is farmed and just how food is produced, and, finally, sustainable food is regarding dealing with those that work in the food production cycle, both in respect of problems and pay.

In the United States, and throughout the industrialized world, we have acquired the habit of consuming just what we want, when we desire, no matter whether it is in season at the time we want it. Attempting to eat products which are in season locally, and indeed buying as much food as feasible from the area, is an essential component of a sustainable food principles, therefore aiding the community economy and reducing food to table miles. We have, nonetheless, we have also developed the demand for unique foods, and where items are not available in your area or outward the US, in the value of  thinking about Fair-trade items (ideally not air-freighted, if this is understood), which ensure that the employees in developing nations obtain a reasonable offer.

In terms of meals production, chemical-free farming is considered to be a lot more lasting than high demanding farming approaches, as this has the least environmental effect on the land.

As with produce fish and seafood have the same effect. Attempt to eat products which are sourced locally keeps the consumer more aware of the impact of the local source and able to make decisions about their support for sustainable resources that effect them locally.

Eating in your area and lowering meat usage are definitely areas which we could all become more aware of in the long term. While natural fruit and vegetables could be much more expensive, the range offered in the US is growing rapidly with regional box systems commonly offering exceptional value for the money.

So in closing, with each person taking a little attention to their local sources of all types of food, making decisions based on long term sustainability, you are equipping up, it will assist in minimizing the long term ecological effect.

Local Produce Link is Fresh Food for All’s largest project. We are currently working in partnership with United Way of NYC to bring fresh vegetables from local 

Planning for a Sustainable Local Food System

Planning for a Sustainable Local Food System
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Fruit and Vegetable Classification

Understanding Fruit and Vegetable Classification

To help you understand fruit and vegetable classification, you need to review a few basic details about how plants grow.  Though it may not change your enjoyment of fresh fruits & vegetables, it might make you appreciate the differentiation and how special your local produce truly is.

Most people think of fruits and vegetables based on how they are used and not their true classification.  If a particular produce is used in a salad or cooked as a side dish, then people think of them as a vegetable. If they are sweet and juicy and used as a desert, then they think of them as a fruit.  The short video below will help to clear up some misconceptions about our fresh produce used daily.


Fruit and Vegetable: Selection and Preparation

Fruit and vegetables, while often seen as accompaniments or side-dishes, are very versatile and flavoursome for the knowledgeable chef. This appealing, pract…

So you see there are examples of fresh produce such as tomatoes which are in fact fruits. Many people know this, but few people know that even corn, peas, and some nuts are in the fruit family.  Of course this does not detract from their use and attraction, but understanding the differentiation can gain you a greater appreciate for the value of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily life.