Organic Food Benefits

Organic Food Benefits | Why Buy Organic Food | Advantages of …

Organic food benefits to consider when shopping for fresh produce can help to support sustainability as well.  The article below covers a few of the points to consider when making decision about your sources of produce.

    • Sustainability of the local food chain
    • Local availability of freshest produce
    • Awareness of sensitivity to artificial additives and chemicals
    • New research in difference of value between processed and fresh food supplies

Why Organic Food Is Better For You | Benefits of Organic Food
Video by leading Nutrionalist Professor Adam Carey on the subject : ‘Benefits of Organic Food’

With support from this type of information, you can make a better decision when choosing to buy local, organic and fresh local fruits and vegetables.

Western Regional Champions

Congratulations KCC Champions


2012 Champions

Western Regional Champions












Congratulations to the KCC Competition Team Hawaii (kapiolani community competition) took the 2013 Western Regional Champs mid April at the ACF Competition (American Culinary Federation)
They will be preparing for the Nationals held in Las Vegas from July 21-25th!

Price of Fresh Produce

Produce Price Trends in Hawaii

The Prices of Fresh Produce in Hawaii  is on the rise in second quarter of 2012 in all categories according to published reports by United Fresh Foundation. Certain amount of the increase is to do with inflation, but an excerpt from an industry report will shed some light on the trend upward in over the since the early part of the year. The paid report will show more, but the few points below shed some light upon the trends ahead for Hawaii and the whole nation.


  • Eight of the top ten fruits showed increases
  • Half of the top ten vegetables increased sales as well. 
  • Avocados, berries, and cherries led the growth in fruit
  • Corn was still a driving force of increases in vegetable sales.
  • Organic fruit an increase of over 20%
  • Organic vegetables were lower, but still increased by 15%.

The report shows the average prices variations with higher overall prices for fruits. Vegetables as well showed marked increases in price. Overall organic volume was great than the same time period last year.

Fresh Produce Throughout the 50 States

Information on Hawaii State’s fresh produce profile produced by leading trade association United Fresh, can be found here, Hawaii Produce Report. Hawaii like all 50 states is largely effected by the fresh fruit and vegetable industry. The report shows profile including employment, acreage, farms, and production value for the state.

The profile highlights the impact of the fresh produce industry on the the health and economy of the whole state. At a Washington Public Policy Conference, attendees gave this information to their senators and representatives to show the importance of the Farm Bill being passed.

The report also gave detailed analysis of childhood and adult obesity as well as diabetes numbers. There were further details of the number of participants in federal food programs, National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs

Big Changes Predicted For Produce Industry

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