Buy Fresh Oysters

How to Buy Fresh Oysters

There are a few thing you should know when you buy fresh oysters for your next barbeque, recipe or oysters on the half-shell. Getting to know the different traits and species to take into account when shopping for and choosing your oysters:

  • Oysters should always be fresh, frozen or previously frozen oysters are available already shucked, but their texture and flavor will not be the same as fresh raw oysters.
  • Only buy raw oysters you find with the shell closed. Once an oyster’s shell is opened it dies.
  • Oysters with deep cupped shells and evenly shaped are the best
  • Maker sure they pass the smell test, they should not have a bad smell, but just a clean sea smell to them.
  • Find out the harvest time of the particular oyster and make sure your plan is to consume them within a week to two weeks from harvest depending on source location and type of oyster.

Get to know your supplier to find out where the oysters are from, the waters and the specific shellfish farms that supply them. Some oysters have a spawning season at that time they are not as tasty to eat, but there is no harm in consuming them. There are oysters who do not spawn and all types of oysters have their own spawning season. So, keeping in touch with your supplier, you can make sure you have the best choice of tasteful oysters any time of year.

Grilled Oyster Recipe ?

Grilled Oyster Recipe

Preparing Grilled Oysters

When preparing your grilled oysters, there are many considerations to make sure you have the best outcome.  The crucial selection of your favorite oyster and the protection of the specific texture and delicate flavor are important. This is but one recipe below is but one of many wonderful recipes to bring your party the treat they deserve.

Grilled Oyster Recipe Honululu

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