Fresh Avocado Selection

Fresh Avocados

Storage Temperature:  Ripe 38-45 F  Unripe 45-50 F

Fresh avocado selection  is more a science than an art. Though the choice of the perfect avocado can be difficult, a few tips will help to make the selection easier.  Since avocados only become ripe once picked, it is at times random as to the condition they will arrive in when they reach their destination.

Normally you can judge the ripeness of an avocado by touching it to check the firmness.  Though in the USA, there are a few selections available, throughout the world there are big and small avocados along with some which have no pits at all.  Usually though if they are bright green and hard, they won’t be ready to server for a few days.  When an avocado is ripe, the skin will be just a little soft to the touch and the skin will be a little darker.  Many different processes are used to ripen avocados such as storing them at room temperature. To quick ripen Avocado placing them in a bag which helps keep the ethylene gas inside causing it to ripen quicker or place a banana or apple in the bag with it can speed up the ripening.


Aguacate / Avocado

Aguacate / Avocado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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