Organic Produce or Fresh Produce

 What will you choose for your delivery of produce in Honolulu, organic produce or fresh produce? There are many sides to the discussion. The discussion has been going on for some time and looks to continue into the future.

 Whether you have your fresh produced delivered, you make your selection in the store, or choose at a local farmers market in Honolulu, it is good to become more informed.


Fresh Organic Produce

Food safety concerns and also the interest in organically grown produce have elevated considerably within the U.S. during the last decade. Key variations in lifestyle qualities, food safety attitudes and values, perceived food safety risks, and valuation of lessening health risks between organic and conventional food purchasers remain largely unknown, however.Overall, just paying attention as to healthy portions, handling of fresh produce and being more concerned with quality would go far supplementing family diets with fresh local produce, organic produce, or balanced diets of fresh produce from any source. The FDA has plenty of information on selecting, storing, and preparing Fresh Produce.

To help characterize how purchasers of fresh organic produce vary from their conventional alternatives, over seven hundred food shoppers were polled from 10 major stores within the Boston area. Survey results reveal that self-reported organic purchasers are more inclined than conventional purchasers to interact in a number of health-marketing and eco-friendly actions. Organic purchasers have less faith in federal food safety agencies than are conventional purchasers, and see greater benefits connected with organically grown produce compared to their conventional alternatives. Also, organic purchasers have considerably greater awareness of risk compared to conventional purchasers regarding food safety hazards connected with traditionally grown produce.

In comparison to traditional purchasers, organic produce purchasers also see significant reduction of risk connected with switching to organically grown produce and are prepared to pay a greater cost to lessen perceived food safety risks. Couple of social demographic variations between buyer types were observed, possibly because of how organic and conventional food stores were matched up. Survey findings highlight the requirement for greater public education about a variety of food issues of safety and farming practices to make sure that customers are aware and making informed choices as to available in the market

 Fresh Produce Buyers

The buyers who seek the best quality in fresh produce is on the rise. Consumer awareness of the source and quality of the products they choose has been increasing for some time. The degree of how this effects the over all market and supply is not well known even though there have been studies done from time to time.

 Click here to read the full report of consumers polled in California from the California Dept. of Agriculture as well as the over all trend of fresh produce. It shows that they are more aware than in the years past, but still they seek to get their fresh vegetables and fruits quickly. But, the understanding of the differences in the taste of fresh local produce seems to be well respected.







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