Fresh Produce Supply Chain

U.S. Produce Supply

The Fresh Produce Supply Chain in the U.S. is considered one of the most diverse in the world. An amazing variety of food products are available in the typical grocery store, The normal count of 280 different fresh fruit and vegetable items are available all year-round, in the summer months the number goes up over 300.

 Many of the distributors do so from a great distance both local and foreign. The entire infrastructure of production, transportation and marketing that supports this system is well developed. What is missing is the diversity of source compared to the diversity of actual commodities. This makes it difficult for both fresh organic and fresh local produce suppliers to compete. Most commodities come from less than 10% of the the U.S. Yet, the apparent abundance may mask a lack of diversity in supply sources and can not only threaten supplies, but also threaten the whole pricing structure. .

 Though it is a small trend, the demand for local fresh produce is growing. Both fresh organic produce and fresh local produce demand is increasing in demand. For diversity to take place, there will be a need for continued increase in demand to fuel the alternative supplies supply chain of fresh produce. Only through increase demand will the market supply start being filled more with local produce from farmers. As people realize the few points below that are in their favor will things increase significantly.

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