Fresh Raw Oyster Honolulu

Best Raw Oyster Honolulu Local Seafood

When buying fresh raw oysters in Honolulu, you can have several options. It is best to know a little about raw oysters before making your purchase.  Many suppliers freeze oyster for shipment all over the US. Though there are many locations producing oysters, buying oyster fresh and as local as possible will provide the best taste and texture, especially when eating raw oysters.

The best Hawaii Oysters are going to be from the West Coast as the supply is the closest. Also, there are some special type which where developed in Washington state.  Sourcing oysters from Taylor Shellfish Farms provides the best freshest to the table oysters.

As well, Taylor Farms has developed the Shigoku Oyster which is breed of its own. Check out the video below to learn a little bit about this special fresh oyster for eating oysters on the half shell.

Fresh Raw Oyster Honolulu


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