Fresh Tomato Selection

Harvesting Tomatoes


Ripe Tomatoes

When you are making your fresh tomato selection, there are many details to be taken into account. Everyone likes red ripe tomatoes, but you must take into consideration the time frame before you will be using them. If they are red ripe, you must still pay attention to the freshness judging by the firmness. This will tell you whether the tomato is truly ripe or is bordering on being overripe.  A ripe tomato should have pleasant smell. If choosing between two tomatoes which look similar, choose the one which has a heavier weight for its size.

Green or Unripe Tomatoes

Unripe tomatoes have no smell.  If you are going to buy for use over the period of a week, then you should select a variety of tomatoes in different states of ripeness. Those which are at the peak of ripeness  can be stored in the refrigerator to slow them from ripening.  Those tomatoes which are unripe can be set out of direct sunlight at room temperature to ripen.  Depending on the age of the tomato, it should be read to eat in a two or three days.  Nothing beats a tomato direct picked from the vine, but a room ripened tomato can still have a good flavor if left out at room temperature before eating.

Tomato Harvesting

The long process of tomato farming and harvesting has come a long way over the centuries.  Few tomatoes are harvested by hand any longer. As you can see from the video, there is a significant amount of hand sorting still. But, the major portion of commercially grown tomatoes are process, sorted and packed by machine.
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Tomato Storage

Refrigerating tomatoes once they are ripe will slow them from becoming over ripe.  Storing them in refrigerator too extensively can make them tough, as well they will lose their flavor.  It is best to keep them at room temperature as much as possible to keep their flavor.

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State fruit - Tomato

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