Honolulu Fresh Produce

Ham Produce and Seafood Inc., is the best choice for Honolulu Fresh Produce Six days per week. Yes, we awake early arriving at 3:30 am six days per week to take your orders over the phone and prepare for all deliveries to your door that day, so you can look like a hero to your clientele. Always preparing the best sources for you and your establishment is our driving force each day. Helping you to determine your present and future needs is part of the process to keep the best sources to supply all of your produce needs.

Fresh Produce Delivery

Big or small, schools or institutions we have the best fresh produce delivery and the best prices to meet your needs everyday. Our staff is friendly thorough and responsive to all of your needs. With that in mind we can deliver fresh produce, whether organic fruits and vegetables, locally grown, or seasonally sourced from around the USA.  The value is not just in freshness, but in the responsiveness to your delivery needs throughout the year. With the added benefit of being a great source for 100% fresh local fish, we are happy to be your one stop shop for your fresh supply needs.

Locally Grown Produce


Not just local grown produce, but local owned on Oahu for 30 years. This allows us to grow with our family of clients to sources constant needs as well as specialty needs. The sustainability of all of our businesses working together is our end goal and driving force behind our success.  All of the work put into keeping a constant source of fresh organic produce, fresh local grown fruits and vegetables is a fulfilling experience. By keeping on top of the local growers and farmers, we are able to do our part in finding the best source for local produce to do our part in the sustainability of our local fresh food supply.

Fresh Organic Produce

What price do you put on freshness and what price do you put on health? With fresh organic produce  is becoming more plentiful both locally and from all over the USA, we are able to help those who prefer to shop organic. Staying on top of the market trends to bring those desired fresh organic produce supplies to our clients is worth the work and commitment.  If great health is our future, then a healthy supply chain of organic produce is and essential link in the long road to our future vibrant health.






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