To deliver the best possible quality of produce and seafood in the most efficient manner.

Company Philosophy

Ham Produce & Seafood Inc.  has delivered Honolulu fresh produce beginning 30 years ago. It started as a family owned company  in a small warehouse with a staff of 6 employees, 1 fax machine, and 3 telephones.  Now HAM delivers throughout Honolulu fresh fish as well and has become one of the largest of both fresh produce and fresh seafood wholesalers on the island with over 100 employees and a delivery fleet of over 25 trucks.

As a company we embrace our continued recent successes, and continue to earn and honor the trust of our employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and most importantly our communities.  The natural drive for competition and forward thinking motivates us to satisfy the needs of our customers and at the same time aim for a greener world.

We are strategically located in the heart of Honolulu allowing us to offer unique solutions for customers of all sizes and locales.  As one of the larger wholesalers on the island, our capacity allows us to move product in extensive volumes when necessary; along with the proficiencies of a small wholesaler we have been able to react quickly to any concerns and deliver product in an efficient and timely manner.

Man with hand truck

Attention to Product Handling

What makes HAM unique

We are the only vendor in the state that has the ability to service both produce and seafood. Produce and Seafood are items needed fresh daily. To complete our mission we have made HAM Produce & Seafood  a one stop shop for all our clients needs. With a wider range of inventory items,  customers have the ability to combining these items with other commodities (i.e. frozen seafood/ commodities) to meet delivery minimums.

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