Attention and commitment to quality makes us uniquely qualified.

 Quality Assurance

Ham Produce and Seafood is on a continual process of upgrading everything from our storage facilities to our office system, so we may more efficiently process all the day to day tasks and bring top quality service to our clients. 
  • Ability to Source Specialty Items

Through flexibility and a commitment to our customers needs we always look to build an expanding inventory so  special demands can still be met not only on time, but with the best price and freshness possible. 
  • Ability to Fulfill orders in Cases of Surge

Timing, quantity and commitment are always of utmost importance in keeping track of inventory and our customers ever fluctuating demands as their own business tends to change through the weeks and months. 
  • Specialized Delivery and Invoicing Requirements

Ham Produce & Seafood is ever attentive to handle flexible requirements of our clients whether it is a rush item or a special invoice process needed for their particular organization. 
  • Large Storage Facilities & Delivery Fleet

Through continued upgrades of our cold storage, warehouse and fleet of trucks we have managed to keep pace with our customers growth as well as our own growth of client base. 
  • Island Wide Client Base Allowing Us to Allocate Deliveries In an Efficient Manner

Because of our diverse client base, we are able to schedule deliveries efficiently and remain flexible in our deliveries so all our clients can meet their own inventory and scheduled demands. 


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