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Fresh Pacific Harvested Oysters are a great addition to your seafood diet whether for a party are just a weekly treat. Whether you are needing a fresh supply for an upcoming party or you need a consistent supply weekly. We have a fresh supply for you!


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It was Casanova who boasted that he ate oysters for breakfast. In the 18th century and prior to that, in classical times, oysters were thought to be the food of love, guaranteed to boost a guy’& rsquo; s potency. This argument never ever been medically shown. Nonetheless, oysters consist of a lot of zinc, a lack of which has actually been associateded with male impotency, so you simply put on’& rsquo

Fresh Hawaiian Fish & Fresh Raw Pacific Oyster

Presently you can buy fresh Hawaiian fish from Ham Produce and Seafood with a selection of  Pacific Hawaiian fresh caught fish for delivery to your restaurant or institution. Our fresh Pacific Oysters with a 3 day lead time can be ready for you to pick up at our warehouse 6 days per week.  

Miyagi Raw Oysters

Though oysters are most commonly known to be eaten raw, but they can be prepared in many different ways. Whether fried and paired with a cold beer, eaten child raw with a complimentary white wine child to the same temperature or prepared in a stew, the fresher they are before preparation and consumption the better the flavor. Oyster may be shucked and frozen to be eaten later, but their texture will not be the same as eaten fresh.

Oyster since before the 1800 has been rumored to be an aphrodisiac, but most of the benefits of oysters are from their nutritional value as they are a rich supply of vitamins and minerals. You’re recommended daily supply of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and zinc can be supplied with the consumption of 4 medium oysters. They offer a great supply of vitamin C,D,B1,B2 AND B3 as well.

Though Casanova boasted of eating a breakfast of oysters, the only medical qualities that oysters seem to have as far as an aphrodisiac is their balance of vitamins and their great source of zinc which does have a great effect on male potency.

Whether you are planning a party with oysters on the half-shell or having a family barbeque the oyster you want are as near as your door with a 3 day lead time we can have a fresh supply delivered to you for your party.

Shucking Fresh Oysters

Though shucking fresh oysters may not be an art form, a few pointers from the video will help you become proficient at preparing your oysters to eat on the half shell or to cook in your favorite recipe.  You only need a few things to do it right. 

  1. The right shucking tool for the task
  2. quality fresh oysters
  3. a little time, patience, and practice to learn the skill

Follow the steps in the simple video above, practice and you will be a hit at your next oyster cookout or half-shell meal. 

grilled oysters

Oyster Recipes

Fresh Oyster for your party or

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