Selecting Seafood

Seafood Selection and Storage is crucial for all varieties of seafood to get the most value from your purchase. A little education and practice not only for the purchaser, but your staff, will insure the highest quality from the market to the table. Of course all Seafood is best when cooked as close as possible to the time they were caught. But, even in the best circumstances few restaurants or institutions even along the Ocean have a chance to take their purchase fresh from the boat.

With that said there are several considerations in choosing and storing fish from the market until they are cooked.

1. Put seafood on ice or in the refrigerator or freezer as soon as possible after buying it.
2. Always check for the way fish have been handled by noting any scaring, cuts or bruises
3. Take note of the quality of the storage container where they are being held as for the temperature or whether surround or covered with ice.
4. If you are buying packaged frozen or previously frozen fish, take very careful note of the quality of the package

Simple inspection of your purchase will tell you a lot about the handling and quality. As well the length of time before you will cook your purchase and close regard as to how the seafood will stored before cooking will insure the safety, quality and taste when you finally prepare and eat the fish.

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