Selecting Fresh Fish

Choosing Fresh Fish

In  selecting fresh fish, there are many details to keep into account.  Though it can become mundane for some doing daily purchases, if a few specific facts are taken into consideration, you will be assured of ending up with a more taste as well as a safe product to cook and serve.

When fish are caught and stored properly for transport on the ship the meat will be well preserved. How fish are treated from the time they are caught until the time they will finally be used in homes, restaurants or institutions will have major effect on nutritional value, taste, safety, and actual texture of the product. Controlling the handling process and the temperature of storage will control the growth of bacteria as well as the decomposition of the fish meat. There are many ways to determine the state of any particular fish when you are purchasing it.

Fresh fish in some circles is considered still fresh when out of the water up to 72 hours, while in other circles people consider fish still fresh only up to 24 hours.

How ever you consider fish to be fresh, when you smell the fish and have a chance to inspect it, there are many indicators of its freshness. As for smell, there should not be a sour smell, but should have a mild odor similar to the sea. A strong odor indicates it is bad or starting to deteriorate quickly. The smell becomes stronger as the fish ages.

While inspecting the fish, take into regard the temperature it is being stored. If their is a thermometer, see that it is set to thirty two degrees Fahrenheit or less. As well, make sure you are transporting your purchase on ice or cold storage of the same degree.

While inspect the eyes of the fish, see that they bulge a little rather than being sunken and dry. Most fish eyes should be clear rather than show a cloudy look. The fish should have a bright red color in the gills and should not be slimy at all. The meat of the fish should spring back when pressed.


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